Monthly Archives: March 2014

Busy busy busy

The last two weeks have been very busy! I have been trying to catch up on things at the new house as the list of things to do continues to grow. I did manage to finally finish the entertainment center and run the new TV cable through the wall into the living room.
TV Center
Spring is finally beginning to show itself every now and then and I spent all three days off this past week in the front beds. One side is done: monkey grass gone, weeded, lined with beautiful new stone edging, and topped off with red rubber mulch. That stuff is fantastic! It’s a bit expensive at first, but in two seasons it will have paid for itself and doesn’t have to be replaced twice a year! It’s a deep maroon color and guaranteed to hold the color for 12 years. I helped a friend landscape his mother-in-law’s pool six or seven years ago and we used the rubber mulch. It’s still there and looks like the day we put it down! Will add some more plants when it gets warmer.

Left bed 1

Left bed 2

Finally got Daphne’s car stereo she got for Christmas installed but now the factory amp has gone bad and is constantly draining the battery. Waiting for a new one to come in and will hopefully get that fixed this weekend. Got my new truck stereo I got for my birthday in and it is fabulous. Should have done it years ago! Also got a new LED third brake light installed and I love it. New tail lights are on the way after having to return the ones I ordered that didn’t fit. I decided to spiff up the old truck with some cool accessories instead of buying a new one. It’s only got 25,000 miles on it and barely a scratch anywhere.

3rd Brake Light

Tail Lights

Work has been quite troublesome lately and retirement will not come soon enough. I love what I do and most of the people. But there are those that will never be happy and have an air of negativity around them that is as offensive as the plague. I’m serious, it’s like they have a virus akin to Ebola, and their horrible attitude oozes from their pores. Only four years, 1 month, and and 18 days to go!

I’ve not done any quilting at the machine in weeks but I’ve been working quite a bit on my hexagon Grandmother’s Flower Garden pieces. I realized I miscalculated on how many muslin hexies I need to go around the flowers. I thought I needed about 400 but turns out I need about 1400. That’s in addition to the 235 flowers that each have seven hexies in them. All in all just over 3,000 or so hexies. I’ve done about 250 of the muslin ones and about 78 flowers (550 hexies). So I’m not even a quarter of the way done with the hexies much less sewing them all together. Good heavens, me and my gynormous projects!

50 ain’t so bad

My 50th birthday came and went and I am still alive. Not that big of a deal I suppose, just weird to have to say I’m 50. I had a great birthday with lots of good wishes on Facebook, many calls and texts from friends and family, and a surprise birthday dinner with my good quilting friends! And to top it off, Karsyn came to dinner and spent the night!

My quilting friends all got together and gave me a quilt top with each one taking a task to get it done. Linda made the top, Karen is providing the batting, Daisy is providing the back, Charlene is quilting it, Kate is binding it, Beth is making the label, and JoPaula is putting the label on. It’s a quilt top that I was coveting at a retreat and it is so awesome my friends are doing this for me!

My great-nephew Skyler had his mom and dad help him make me an awesome huge card with his own pictures and handwriting. My friend Kate gave me a new Tervis tumbler, my friend Joni gave me a funny t-shirt, and Daphne and the kids gave me a new stereo for my truck. My brother gave me an Amazon gift card and my sister Stephanie and her family took me out to dinner with a cake afterwards. Mom and Dad came down for a visit and there’s a surprise coming from them in the near future.

All in all it was an awesome birthday with the best part being time spent with family and friends. Here’s to the next 50 years!