To Blog or Not…I Think Yes!

I haven’t been here in so long that I had to reset my login and password! I think it is time for me to start blogging again. Mostly because I need to put stuff here so when I forget I have a place to look for it! Many blogs have gone by the wayside with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, etc. At one time I was on Facebook a lot but instead of keeping up with old friends and/or family, half the time we end up arguing about stuff that doesn’t matter with people we don’t even know! So I think I will come back to my little spot in the swamp and those that want to know what’s going on in my life will have to come here to find me!

Much has happened since my last post over a year ago. I have stopped cross stitching for the most part and have been quilting away. I still love cross stitch and have so many beautiful pieces I still want to do. When I retire I hope to have the time to do both! I started quilting in April 2011 and since then I have made 48 quilts. Almost all of them have been given away but I have managed to keep a few here and there. My first few years have been mostly easy patterns with the exception of the quilt from hell, my parents’ 50th anniversary quilt, and Mario. I’m starting to steer away from the easier ones and get into more difficult patterns. As with cross stitch, I tend to lean toward ridiculous projects. Like the hexagon quilt that has over 10,000 half-inch hexagons. Or the Rainbow Jane (a bright version of Dear Jane) that has 240 4.5″ blocks with a lot of intricate applique. How about the Judy Niemeyer “My 2 Big Sisters” paper-pieced quilt that I will begin in April? Or the Jacqueline de Jonge Colorful quilt? These are all in my stash along with about 30 other quilts that are kitted up and ready to be sewn into something beautiful. Now to find the time to do them all!

I have made some great friends in the quilting community and have been lots of places. I’ve been to the Houston International Quilt Show twice and going again this fall. I traveled to a crazy place called “Paducah”, a quilter’s paradise of sale fabric and shopping! Who knew a drug store called A&E in Pensacola, Florida would have thousands of bolts of fabric hiding behind the pharmacist? Day trips to quilt stores, classes with friends, and weekend quilt retreats have become my favorite activities. Gotta love quilting in the south. It has to be the only place where quilting classes have to be scheduled around football! I’ve joined three different local quilt guilds and I’m impressed with the charity work these ladies do year in and year out. I even bought a new house where I have been able to set up an awesome quilting and sewing studio! Looking back on the last few years it is amazing how much quilting has changed and enhanced my life.

I hope to update my “Quilt” page soon with photos of the rest of the quilts I have made and use this blog as my virtual design wall. Check back often to see what I’ve been up to!

About bayoustitcher

I live in south Louisiana and I enjoy being creative.

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