Monthly Archives: June 2012

The quilt from hell is finished!

This quilt was a major pain! Although is shouldn’t have been so difficult, it was due to errors in the pattern. But even with the problems, I love how it turned out and now that I know the pattern has been corrected I might make another one. NOT!

Taylor quilt

Swim Test #1 Done!

I did my half-mile fin swim today in 17:44, a mere 16 seconds below the required time of 18:00. Whew! But 16 seconds is as good as 5 minutes, cuz I pass! Next is the 1/4 mile unassisted swim in under 10:00.

I made another quilt top yesterday for a friend’s little girl. From cut one to the last seam was only 3 hours and it’s as cute as can be! Not very expensive either, and it’s just perfect for a child (36 X 49) or an adult that gets cold in the car traveling. I have plans for more of these!

Why are there titles?

I can never think of a good title for just a plain ‘ol post! I’ve been swimming at LSU and realized yesterday that I wasn’t quite ready to swim on back to back days! My arms/shoulders were really sore, but I squeezed out about 1/4 mile of swimming and a couple of stabs at my underwater swim. Holding your breath while swimming underwater for 75 feet is longer than you might think!

I had a great time last weekend at a quilting retreat in town. I managed to finish a baby quilt top for a friend and two other tops from start to finish. I was tired by the end and the last one to leave but I got so much done! They are now at the longarm quilter and I should be working on bindings by week after next.

The Florida Keys dive trip is fast approaching, only three and a half weeks away. I’m trying to get a base tan layer at the tanning booth so I don’t fry in the sun on the trip. I’m ready to go! We should have a great time. We will be diving a good bit, spending the 4th of July in Key West, spending a day riding the rides at Universal, and a dive in the Disney Epcot Aquarium! Woohoo!