Monthly Archives: January 2011

Back on track

After a horrible week 2, I’m back on track. They always talk about the dreaded week two on Biggest Loser, and I have always scoffed. However, I had such a terrible week that I think I may be a believer now! I just couldn’t get enough to eat, didn’t want to work out, and was quite pissy about all of it!

I’m starting a plan that I’m calling the “Beach Body Boogie”. Each day I will try to do a workout from one of the Beach Body programs I have. Maybe a workout from P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Chalene Xtreme, Power 90, 10-minute Trainer, Tony Horton One on One, etc. I have so many programs that I could go MONTHS without ever doing the same workout!

On the shoulder front, it’s not going so well. It felt better a few days last week but it’s now hurting all the time like before. I go back for my next therapy visit in the morning and I will see what Beau has to say about it. It’s looking like there will be an MRI in my future. Why oh why didn’t I do this last December before I had a flippin’ $500 deductible!?!?!?!?

On the stitching front, I have been working on an old round robin we did at the LNS in 2005. Yes, you read it right, 2005! I didn’t realize how close it was to being finished so it’s project #1 until it’s done. I want Jan Humphreys to stitch on it before she moves to Georgia so I will work on it until I get it to her and then finish it when it gets back. In the meantime, I’m still working on Anniversaries of the Heart, Quaker Gone Tropic, and I just saw the new series from Mirabilia, the Snow Globe series. The first one is out, the Blue Snowy Church, and it’s beautiful! I’ll be getting the pattern and waiting to see if it might work out to do the series on one piece as if on a street. If they are as pretty as the first one I’m in big trouble!

I finished my first crochet baby blanket for a friend’s baby shower and it came out rather cute! I’ll post pics of it after I have given it to her. I have also done a scarf for Daphne, and a dishcloth. Several of us got “bitten” in November by the crochet bug and just started crocheting like crazy! I am still doing it a little, but back to stitching for me!

Can’t think of a title…

Kind of a dull week and quiet weekend. Nothing exciting at work, which is a good thing. I went to work Tuesday morning as usual and by 1:00 pm, I couldn’t turn my head to the right! I finally gave in and went to the ortho as it is all related to my shoulder. Got a cortisone shot in the joint which helped some for about two days then went right back to hurting. Started physical therapy on it yesterday and got a lot of massage work to the scapula area. The therapist says it’s definitely all rotator cuff with no muscle involvement. The work was fairly painful but should lead to a better end…until I woke up today. Wow, it hurts worse than before and kept me up most of the night again. He said it would take 7-10 days before he can make an assessment on how the therapy is going and to see if I will need an MRI.

On the stitching front, I finally finished the fourth installment of Anniversaries of the Heart, which means the top row is completely finished…names, dates, everything! I also finished a crochet baby blanket, worked on Quaker Gone Tropic, and started the next Anniversaries. I didn’t leave the house from Saturday afternoon until Monday after lunch so I did a lot of stitching and “resting”.

On the fitness front, I lost about 7 pounds this first week. Realizing some of that is water and simple cleansing from the probiotics, my pants feel better and so do I. I joined the YMCA and I am trying to take advantage of being able to work out on duty and save my personal time for me or for additional workouts. I’ve tried to stay around 1400 calories daily, and although I had a few off days, most of the time I was within range or within 100 calories of it.

Like I said, fairly uneventful week but I got some stuff done!

BRPD Biggest Loser 2011

Today I weighed in for the BRPD Biggest Loser contest for 2011. It lasts for 60 days, highest percentage of loss wins $500! I’m not in it to win it, but it’s gonna be fun to hear all the smack-talk on Facebook! I lost six pounds before weighing in and didn’t water-load like a lot of people did. That’s why I say I’m not in it to win it as the odds are stacked against me. But I will give them a run for the money! We are also doing one at Cross Stitch Corner for 12 weeks and I’m shooting to win the pot there!

After a lingering shoulder injury for over a year from P90X, I’ll have to do it another way. I joined the YMCA and I’ll be able to workout at work since there is one very close to my district. I’m also watching what I eat closely, trying to stay well-hydrated, and taking my Advocare supplements and vitamins again. I’m going to do the treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, Tony Horton One on One DVDs, and maybe even some Turbo Fire workouts. Insanity is out with so many pushups but I will incorporate interval training in some of my workouts along the same lines.

I know what to do and how, now I just have to commit and do it!