Monthly Archives: March 2010

Really need to update pages…

I was just looking at the rest of the pages of my blog here and I really need to update! Pictures of my family and friends are outdated, my WIPS page is pitifully non-comprehensive, and I think after this winter I may have to get rid of the “yard” page altogether!

I’ve been stitching A LOT since I changed assignments at work. I’ve had more time to relax after work, plus I’ve really been happy so it’s been fun to get back into one of my most favorite and long-standing hobbies! Of course, this will not preclude me from going to Vegas on March 21st or Cozumel on April 2nd. But I will be bringing my stitching with me!

My two current projects are a fairy/angel for my niece’s birthday next month and “Quaker Gone Tropic”. We also have a group about to start a really neat Judy Odell project, the Mary Wigham Wardrobe. There are about six of us doing it so it should be really fun! I will have to post some pics later of my most current WIP’s, but that will have to be later when I’m at home!

Time just flies…

That old saying that time flies when you’re having fun must be true! In the last three weeks I have had more fun and free time than I have had in years! Mind you, it might not sound exciting, but I sure am happy.

It started with a transfer to dayshift at 2nd District (near LSU) as the shift lieutenant. Not a promotion exactly, but I’m the shift commander at a “safer” precinct with better hours. The time just flies by at work! My new squad is great and I think we will get along splendidly. I also changed to a different rotation, which makes my extra jobs on the same day as my regular work. Which means I actually have days off with NO work! That has translated into lots of time to stitch and spend with my friends at the stitching store. I have really been enjoying that!

Last Saturday was the Race for the Cure. We had a team from the stitch store, as one of our dear friends (and excellent stitchers) died last year. Her illness started with breast cancer and she fought valiantly for years. So in her honor, we had a team and all wore bright pink bandanas like Jo would wear whenever she was taking chemo. Everyone had a great time and participated in a most worthy cause! I was working during the walk, but I went out and gave the team some “security” for the event. When I got home that evening, I ran my own 5K for Jo Jo Red.

I’m currently working on a piece for my niece’s birthday in April. It’s really cute and I’m hoping to finish it by the end of this weekend so I can have it framed in time for her birthday. I also finally started “Quaker Gone Tropic” and I’m loving it! We also have a group that is going to do the Judy Odell Mary Wigham Wardrobe which should be really fun! Check it out at: Judy Odell

Hmmmmm…..I’m smelling homemade chicken and dumplings…later!