Monthly Archives: February 2010

Taser Certification Done

Another trip to the range, another training day in the books. I have a sore throat and not feeling all too spiffy. It’s really cold outside and nice and toasty warm in the house. I may go to bed now (it’s 4:30 in the afternoon) and watch TV and get fat! Ah, but the stitching group is going to Outback for dinner so I guess I’ll stay up!

Just another day

Not an exciting day, just Defensive Tactics Instructor recertification and a Mardi Gras parade (Krewe of Artemis). Back to regular work tomorrow for three days then another training day on Tuesday, recertification on the taser. No, I do not have to get tased again. If I did, I wouldn’t go!

Haven’t stitched today or yesterday, just been too tired from all of this rigorous training! I’ve also started playing a couple of games on Facebook again. Farmtown and Farmville are just fun and I’ve been away for a few months so I have been farming a little. It’s fun to do when I’m bored with nothing to do at extra duty or working parades, etc.

Time for a little “Criminal Minds”!

Shotgun qualified

Yesterday was a long a painful day! We shot about 50 rounds, including buckshot and slugs. I was able to find a shooting pad and I’m thankful to have no bruising! However, it’s hard to lift my arms today because they are so sore. I didn’t realize how heavy that thing gets after five or six hours of drills and lugging it around. And now that I’m qualified they don’t even have any shotguns left at supply to hand out. So, although good training, no fruits from my labor (i.e. no new toys in the unit).

I got home and didn’t work out again because I was really tired. I’ve managed to goof off this morning until now it is afternoon. But I’m going to get up from this computer and go work out. I’ll have to make today a cardio day as my arms are too sore for weights!

Long Day

It was a long day at the range. I used to love to go shoot and it was fun and exciting. It has become a chore. I get tired faster than I used to, my knees hurt from all the up and down activity and shooting while kneeling, my fingers hurt, and I shot the worst I’ve shot in my career. Mind you, I still shot 113/120, but I don’t recall ever having shot so poorly. Maybe it was because I got new glasses and then forgot to look through the bottom of the lenses. Maybe it was because I haven’t been to practice in 6-8 months, or maybe it’s because I’ve been taking medicine for over a week and I was jittery. The fact of the matter is that my shooting sucked! That must be remedied post haste!

I really wanted to stitch some tonight but I think I’m just too tired. Top it all off with not getting my workout in and not reaching 8,000 steps so I’m just grumpy all the way around! Tomorrow is another 8 hours out there, mostly shotgun stuff. Yippee!

Back to work

I had to go back to work today after 10 days off (with a couple of 4-hour extra duty details). Now I have to work 9 in a row without a day off! Sure do like the off days better. But it was a good day, not busy but steady.

After work I went to the gym and walked for 30 minutes. I set a goal of 8,000 steps a day and today I went over 10,000 steps. It ain’t P90X but hey, it’s something! I like walking on the treadmill because I can increase the incline and get my heart rate up without having to run. I was the only one in the gym so it was kinda cool! Plus it’s only about 2 minutes from the house so it’s easy to run to the gym for a quick workout. They have an assisted pullup machine there so I think I might start back on the “X”. I also stayed under my calorie limit today and got in all my water. Cozumel here I come!

I’m struggling through the book of Leviticus and I’m almost done. I am so thankful we are not under that law anymore. There is NO way anyone could keep all those rules! I’m having trouble reading them much less abiding by them!

Off to stitch for a little while to cool down from my walking and then off to bed. I need to go to the pistol range and shoot a box or two of rounds as I have to qualify on Tuesday. Wednesday is shotgun stuff all day and that is no fun! I don’t mind the gun and I shoot well, but it KILLS my shoulder! Friday is Defensive Tactics recertification day, so this week I’ll be getting plenty of exercise at work.