Monthly Archives: July 2008

Myron is going home!

My friend that was shot about 10 days ago is going home from the hospital today. He will not be policing for a while yet but we are thankful he is doing so well. I’m sure he is glad to be going home as is his family. He has small children and a wife and I’m sure the whole ordeal has been really hard on all of them.

I’m working fifteen hours today and worked 14 yesterday. It’s catching up with me now and I’m getting sleepy, bored, and tired, and those three combined make me want to eat bad things! I’m surrounded by junk food at the precinct so I probably need to leave and go ride around. I have a feeling they are going to call me out early tomorrow as well, which will mean 45 hours in three days! Needless to say I haven’t been able to work out since I got home. But I’m happy to report that I did not gain any weight on the trip. Hopefully I will do as well on the long trip, too.