Monthly Archives: January 2008

A Day Off!

Well, I made it through another long stretch and am off today and tomorrow. Lucky for me, as I will get to watch LSU play in the National Championship Monday night! I’m hoping I have to go out and buy a t-shirt on Tuesday. I used some time at home before work yesterday to catch up on some stuff I needed to do at home and I’m planning on stitching on my round robin today. It’s my “free” day as far as exercise and food, but I think I’ll probably go walking later today since it’s not too cold.

I have been watching the Australian Biggest Loser every night for the last five nights or so. It is from 2005 and there was a two day marathon last weekend. I was able to record the whole season and it’s been great! Unfortunately, most of them have lost sight of the reason they went there in the first place and they are really playing the game and strategizing more than exercising. But I still enjoy watching it and it has been good for some laughs! I’m a big fan of the show and it’s been fun watching it from another country.

Day 6 and counting

I am so tired. It has been really busy at work and I’m about done in. I’m too tired to work out yet and realized I have no place to put my new pullup stand. I’m giving it to Taylor and maybe one day when I build my gym at home I can get another one. Obviously I haven’t done any stitching. I tried to one day, got eight x’s in, and had to put it away. I think that was Saturday at work. I have this Sunday and Monday off, but I’ll have so much to do at home by then I probably won’t get to stitch then either. Oh well, I only have these stretches every other month and it will be over soon.