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Back in the Saddle

In the last two weeks, I’ve been to Atlanta for five days and Laurel for three. Now I’m back to work and it’s business as usual. Friday started a nine day stretch at work working 114 hours in those nine days. I’m on day three, with almost 40 hours behind me. I’ll be glad when Sunday gets here! Then Monday LSU plays in the national championship game. Keep your fingers crossed for the Tigers!

I had a great Christmas. Everyone enjoyed the gifts that I gave and I got some really nice ones, too. Most of all it was great family time! I missed my brother and his family and even though I got to see them the week before, it just wasn’t the same without them. My sister/BNL/nephew from Tennessee weren’t there either and I missed them too. I did get to see my other three nephews and had some fun time with them.

I should be back on my fitness journey soon and will be using my new body fat monitor and pullup/situp/pushup stand. I’m loving the Magellan GPS that Daphne gave me, and Allie had a thin blue line license plate made for me. I got some new video games from my sister/BNL/nephew, a great Under Armour fleece pullover from my brother/SIL/nieces, and my mom and dad gave me a family heirloom pottery nativity, a Southern Living glass shelf, and a really cute bronze pig trivet. My lieutenant gave me a Block Buster gift card, a cute stuffed pig, and a St. Michael’s coin with my name, assignment, and date engraved (he’s the patron saint of police officers). I’m not Catholic and neither is she, but we both figure it can’t hurt! My co-sergeant gave me a gift certificate that can be used at several local restaurants, and I think I’ll be using it at Ninfa’s Mexican restaurant. That’s what I can remember off the top of my head!

January 15th we are starting a local round robin using the Town Square freebies from 2006. I’ve got my basting done and hopefully will get my first building done before we hand off. I think it’s going to be lots of fun! I finished the 2006 Praiseworthy Stitches tin just in time to give to my Mom for Christmas. I forgot to take a photo before I wrapped it, so I just figured I’d take one when she opened it. Oh well, I am over 40 and forgot…again! I’ll get her to snap one and send it to me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you all have a great start to 2008!

Baby Ashlyn




Fun in Atlanta

I am in Atlanta and having fun with my new niece! She is so cute! She is much smaller than she looks in the pictures. Her older sister is being really sweet to her, too. She just loves to kiss on her and hold her little hands. Whenever she comes home she goes straight to wash her hands so she can kiss “her baby”!

I forgot to bring any of my stitching, so I went to Abecedarius in Marietta yesterday and picked up a pattern for a needle roll, scissor fob, and needle book I saw last time I was here. I might stitch on it a little today, but my nieces are keeping me busy! I fly out tomorrow and it just doesn’t seem like I’ve been here for almost a week.

If you ever wondered how truly crazy I am, here is proof. Last Sunday, Best Buy had 129 Nintendo Wii’s to put out for purchase. I went there on SATURDAY at noon, sat it my car until about 5:30 pm, pitched my tent, blew up my inflatable matress, set out my chairs, and stayed on the sidewalk until 8:00 Sunday morning. It got down to about 38 degrees, but with the wind it felt like 20! I was rewarded for my effort, though, and was first in line. By 6:00 Sunday morning there were more people in line than there were Wii’s to go around. My sister really wanted to give one to my nephew for Christmas so I’m glad I was able to get it for her. I slept out for my Wii last year!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!

It is finished!

I finally finished Ashlyn’s pillow and my friend Robin finished the pillow part for me. It came out really cute! I will post a picture of it after I’ve given it to her (them).

Back to work after my knee surgery and nothing has changed. The knee is better but the doctor said I can’t run anymore. Wouldn’t you know, the second day back to work and we had to chase after a guy shooting an AK47 at the Christmas parade! I guess the adrenaline took over and my knee didn’t hurt. Good to know.

Nothing else much going on. Trying to finish a little stitching project for a Christmas gift. Can’t talk about it until after Christmas! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Ashlyn is Here!

My new niece Ashlyn was born at 7:30 this morning! She weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 19.5 inches long. She has reddish-blond hair and my brother says she looks like her sister Madison. I will be going to Atlanta to stay for a week on December 17th. I’m counting the days!

Finish the pillow, finish the pillow, finish the pillow, finish the pillow…