Monthly Archives: September 2007

I’m back to stitching!

Until yesterday I had not stitched in several months. I managed to work on “My Huge Secret Project” yesterday while watching the football game and today I worked on “Pompeji” while working extra duty. I think I may have the bug again! This usually happens around summertime, as I get distracted by outdoor things. But summer is winding down, fall is coming, and stitching just goes really well with football! Both of my fantasy football teams are 2-0, so all around it was a great weekend! I really need to work on my blog here and put some pictures up. I have a “real” website but I haven’t done anything with it in a long time. So long that I don’t think I’m going to pay for another year of hosting. I’ll just use WordPress instead.

I’m really wanting to order a pattern from Golden Kite. It would be crazy, but I just really want to make “High Anxiety”. It’s an underwater scene complete with sharks, fish, a sunken ship, dolphins, etc. It would be just beautiful, but I think I should finish some of my WIP’s before buying something new. If I weren’t trying to pay off all of my credit cards, I would go ahead and get it. Oh well, perhaps Santa Claus will look down on me with kindness!?!?

Where have I been?

Holy cow, I haven’t been here since July! It’s been so long I forgot all of my passwords and logins on my blog. That’s pretty sad! To say the least, I have been busy!

First of all, I have done a LOT in my yard. In my backyard, I have added two new tropical plant beds. One along the fence at the end of the carport and one all the way across the back fence. All in all I hand-shoveled 5 yards of dirt, added about 1200 more pounds of rocks, and a bunch of plants. I added two Queen Palm tree (making 4 total), three Windmill Palms, a Pindo Palm, one Cat Palm (one in the back, two in the front bed), a Foxtail Palm, six Philodendron Split-leafs, two Cardboard Palms, and two Coontie Palms. I’m hoping the Foxtail survives the winter, as they are not hardy below about 40 degrees. But I got it pretty cheap in Miami so if it doesn’t make it, I’ve been able to enjoy it for several months. While I was doing the beds, I went ahead and installed irrigation in both of them as well. I’ve also completed my fall bed work, putting down new straw and weeding all of the beds. Like I said, I have been doing a lot in the yard. During that time I also helped a friend install a huge bed around his mother-in-law’s pool. We put about 30 tropical plants/trees in it as well. It was quite the job but it came out beautiful!

I have been busy on the work front as well. I have been working my usual job, my extra duty, and now it is LSU football season so I’m working those games as well. I haven’t been exercising like I was, but I have had a chest cold for about two months now and can’t shake it. I did run today and I will see how I feel. I think this round of cortisone, antibiotics, and an inhaler may work.

After typing this stuff it doesn’t seem like that much, but it really has kept me busy. I think I am done for the day and may actually stitch some this afternoon!